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Tax Bill Impacts on Health Insurance

With the tax bill passing the Senate this morning and expected passage in the House shortly, the bill will be headed to President Trump’s desk for signature. There are a couple provisions in the bill you will want to be aware of:

The individual health insurance mandate goes away in 2019: Beginning in 2019, Americans would no longer be required by law to buy health insurance or face a penalty. This makes short term insurance a much more attractive option for customers who would have been subject to the penalty. For 2018, those who have a plan available in the individual market for 8.05% or less of their household income will be subject to the mandate/penalty if not enrolled in a plan with minimum essential coverage.

You can pass your heirs up to $22 million tax-free: In the end, the estate would remain part of the U.S. tax code, but far fewer families will pay it. Under current law, Americans can pass on up to $5.5 million tax-free (that threshold is $11 million for married couples). The law calls to double the threshold, so now the first $11 million for single persons and $22 million for couples pass on to their heirs in property, stocks and other assets won't be taxed.

Retirement accounts such as 401(k) plans stay the same. No changes to the tax-free amounts people are allowed to put into 401(k)s, IRAs and Roth IRAs.
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Mission Statement

Providing solutions and expertise in healthcare coverage and employee benefits for our clients. To provide these services and products to meet the individual needs of our clients and their best interests, not ours. With this attitude AMGI hopes to achieve a partnership philosophy with our clients and partners.




AMGI is an independent benefits consulting group that uses a variety of carriers to assure our clients get the appropriate program to meet their needs.

AMGI provides expertise in both state and federal laws ensuring that your plan remains in compliance with local and federal issues.

AMGI uses advanced computer automation which aids our ability to serve our clients in a fast, cost effective manner.

AMGI provides expertise in the Medicare Market, providing assistance with Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Supplement Programs and the various options under the New Medicare Prescription Drug benefit, Part D. Whether your needs are for your employees, yourself or protection of your family, AMGI can help!

AMGI specializes in helping association members fulfill their benefit needs. We work closely with the business, it's employees and the association in benefit placement, tracking, and claims assistance when needed. 


Jesse Patton (2nd from left) discusses healthcare with President Bush.
This was at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD on January 26, 2005.




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