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The availability of quality affordable health care coverage concerns everybody, and we realize how complicated health insurance has become for our membership. Therefore, the IIADA is excited to announce the introduction of a new Group Major Medical program.

This program will be marketed through IIADA’s long time approved benefit provider Associations Marketing Group, Inc. (AMGI) a dedicated team specializing in health insurance benefits for the self-employed and small business owner.

Members will find they have tremendous flexibility with the new program which will allow you to customize the plan to meet your specific needs. This coverage is available even if you’re just a one person group. You will have benefit options that include the traditional co-payment major medical or a health savings account (HSA). Individual employees can choose their own plan options.

This is a group major medical plan allowing you to enroll into the program throughout the year so you will not have to wait for the annual election period that is required for individual health insurance plans.

Employees having individual medical plans possibly could be losing their coverage at the end of the year. Contact AMGI to learn how you can set up a group medical plan. This program will help your dealership retain staff, provide lower cost and tax-savings to both you and your employee.

For additional information and informed answers, call AMGI at 800-798-6772 or email [email protected]. Please visit their website at You will be asked to provide your membership number to them so if you need that, let the IIADA office know.

We hope this new program will be beneficial to you and your employees. All IIADA members are eligible to participate in this new benefit as long as membership is kept current.